martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Día 1

Dear myself:

I can't actually belive what I have just done...well, this morning. I was  standing on a chair, hiding from the people who were supposed to find me..It looks quite stupid, but, what the hell, it is a performance. Yes, standing there, alone, with already a beer on my belly I thought about nothing, only looking forward the moment someone decides to find me and play with me. A playful man always searchs the way of having fun. The point is that the only person who approached to me was a beautiful lady whose shoes didn't allow her to catch me easily. Anyway, in the end of the game I let her do it...but it's normal, I did want to take a beer with her!
I had a lot of fun...and actually today I learned quite much spanish. Some of them talked to me in spanish and I could identify a few words. We are improving, Bruce you are doing it fine.

Buenas tardes a todos, de vuestro amigo B.N.

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